Reviews for The Good Pianist

“Philip is very passionate and knowledgeable. I appreciate that he explains in details how to interpret a piece of music. He patiently ensures that I have no further questions about the piece of music before moving on. Highly recommend Philip, The Good Pianist!” ~ Vincci Chan

“Philip Yeoh is like a “walking music dictionary” to me. An excellent music instructor that one could ever ask for. Always impressed by his knowledge when he taught me higher grade theory. I’ve learned so much from him and enjoyed the quality and fruitful lessons with him. You are the best, Philip Yeoh!” ~ Annabelle Ch’ng

“Mr. Philip was one of my best piano teachers. He is a skilled and experienced teacher—what I gained from his lessons was not only skills and technique, but a finer appreciation for music and the art of piano playing. He also made the usually mundane theory lessons very enjoyable, and I will always be grateful that he helped me clinch distinctions for my Grade 8 Piano and Grade 6 Theory even in my late twenties. Thank you Mr. Philip!” ~ Samantha Soon

“Very knowledgeable teacher and very in depth! You’ll be fascinated with his musical knowledge and looking forward to learn more! Also very dedicated and very committed. Couldn’t ask for more in a teacher” ~ Sherlene Qua

“With Philip, you learn not just how to play the piano, but also how to make music with it. In my experience, Philip is an encouraging yet firm teacher who knows exactly how to nudge his students in the right direction to do their best musically. If you want to become good at making music with the piano, look no further.” ~ Philip Khor

“A very responsible teacher. I once sat for the Grade 6 theory exam in secondary school. At that time, I failed. Consequently, I didn’t have the courage and confidence to continue. After graduating from university, I started working. At that time, I thought it was a pity that I had gone as far as Grade 6 already, so I decided to continue my studies in music. I met teacher Philip under the arrangement of Digital Music School. Thanks to the patience of Philip and his understanding of the time constraints of working people like me, we forged on with our lessons.

I was encouraged by him to sign up for the Grade 6 theory exam, and he persisted in making sure that I registered for it, as I had said again and again that I didn’t have the confidence to take it. Then I had a baby. I would also be frequently abroad and so I delayed sitting for the exam for almost four years. I never expected to get a DISTINCTION. I think that it was fate that brought Philip to teach me! I especially cherish and thank him for all his teaching. Thank you!” ~ Mallory Lim

“I would definitely recommend Philip as a piano teacher as he is very well versed with many years of experience. A very dedicated teacher who will help his students with all he can. He is so passionate in music and watching him play is so magical. A good background of music is very important and he has it all. Yes, he was my piano teacher when I was young.” ~ Elina Saw

“The Good Pianist” is so true. Philip Yeoh is indeed a good pianist and a very good teacher of all grades and for adult beginners too. If you love music and like to learn the piano, it is never too late, Philip will teach his students according to their capabilities. I always enjoyed my lessons with him especially theory which most people find hard and boring. He just made it so easy to digest and interesting too. He is dedicated and committed and always puts his students first. I am blessed to have him as my teacher.” ~ Sabrina Oh

“Hello everyone, my name is Poh Lin and I am from Penang, Malaysia. Mr. Philip Yeoh used to be my piano teacher. As an adult student, learning piano could be a daunting task. Learning both theory and practical does require a lot of focus. I will never say Mr. Philip made it easy for me but he did instill in me the need to practice and practice. After all, it is consistent practice that makes perfect.

In my eyes, an excellent teacher does not cut corners and Mr. Philip Yeoh is certainly one of them. Let’s call him the PIANO CSI because he was (and still is) so good in catching a mistake and making me correcting them immediately.

Dear parents, if you want your child to start his/her music education on the right foot, how about engaging Mr. Philip Yeoh as their music teacher? This world needs more Mozarts, Beethovens, Chopin, etc. than before and let your child be one of them. Your investment in your child’s music education will pay off handsomely some day.

Dear Mr. Philip Yeoh, thank you for coming into my life. I will always be grateful for your dedication and friendship.” ~ Ng Poh Lin

“Mr Philip is a very dedicated teacher. He puts a lot of energy and thought into educating his students and definitely made a positive impact on me. He has a genuine love for music and his passion for music is contagious.

He goes the extra mile in planning his classes and also exposes his students to many works from different composers. He taught me to appreciate and understand the music pieces in addition to guiding me in honing the technical skills.

He is knowledgeable, skillful and also an experienced teacher and professional pianist as well. I was impressed to know that he has played at different events, hotels and to name one of the prestigious hotels he has worked with was the Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang. He was invited to judge in competitions too.

I remembered looking forward to the Christmas piano CDs he produced and the informative music magazines he created and distributed to his students. I enjoyed my lessons under his patient guidance and continue to love music and piano until this day.” ~ Tan Jin Poi

“I’m so happy I found Philip as my piano teacher. He’s such a nice and patient person. Highly recommended as a teacher, especially for adults.” ~ Sarah Kaba

Note: These testimonials first appeared on The Good Pianist’s Facebook page.