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Raya Break (Part 3)

E&O Hari Raya II 022

(Above) The Front Office staff at the E&O are simply out of this world. They are professionals and they work very hard, yet they can chill during a lull and indulge me with some wonderful pictures. L-R: Adeline, Loong, Nesh, Ming, Lynn, Kim, and Kelly at the center.

(Below) I’m now in the picture with Nesh doing his thing with my Canon 550D and Speedlite 580EX II.

E&O Hari Raya II 023

E&O Hari Raya II 031

(Above) We had a fun time taking pictures around the lobby area. Here’s handsome Nesh and pretty Ming.

(Below) One good turn deserves another!

E&O Hari Raya II 032

E&O Hari Raya II 035

(Above) Two beautiful ladies, Adeline and Ming. I like to zoom in for greater impact. Just love the colors!

(Below) Mr. Karuna of Security is never too busy to wish me a good evening. That’s the thing you remember about people.

E&O Hari Raya II 036

E&O Hari Raya II 038

(Above) Kelly’s a wonderful guy. He’s only 21 but already oozes charm and charisma (just ask the ladies)

(Below) Posing with Adeline in the center of the lobby.

E&O Hari Raya II 043

E&O Hari Raya II 047

(Above) Loong and Ming. I know their favorite songs, ha ha.

(Below) Emily gets the soft focus treatment, courtesy of my Nikon soft focus filter.

E&O Hari Raya II 058

E&O Hari Raya II 054

(Above) So does Ming. The Speedlite 580EX II is wonderful when it comes to bounced flash. I love it to bits and yet…the Speedlite 600EX-RT is on its way??

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Raya Break (Part 2)

E&O Hari Raya II 001

(Above) L-R Ilmi, Faiz, Bob, and Rizal are so at ease when posing for the camera. This doesn’t look posed at all, just natural. Bounced flash from the Speedlite 580EX II ensures that the vibrant colors are not washed out, which would be the case if direct flash were used.

(Below) Here I am with Rizal aka Papahoneyz. He’s always a delight in the 1885.

E&O Hari Raya II 005

E&O Hari Raya II 009

(Above) Another group photo on the staircase.

(Below) We played around with reflections on the piano top.

E&O Hari Raya II 013

E&O Hari Raya II 012

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Raya Break (Part 1)

Another major public holiday made its rounds last Sunday. In Malaysia this is called Hari Raya (literally meaning “a day of celebration”) This is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. Since I had some time off I decided to head to the hotel for afternoon tea and capture the staff in their traditional Malay attire. As Malaysia is a multi-cultural society other races join in the festivities and deck themselves out in colorful Malay outfits.

E&O Hari Raya 002

E&O Hari Raya 004

(Above) Bounce flash from my Speedlite 580EX II lifts the shadows from these shots. Scones, sandwiches, delightful macaroons and tempting cake treats—what more can you ask for? Well I asked for a cappuccino, and got it nice and hot.

(Below) Front Office staff (L-R Lynn, Ming, and Kelly) in their traditional Malay attire. All these pictures were taken with bounced flash and look at the vibrant colors! Go ahead and knock me, but I’m a purist and never retouch my pictures. Everything’s SOOC (Straight Out Of The Camera)

E&O Hari Raya 022

E&O Hari Raya 023

(Above) Salim, Lynn, and Nesh make a delightful threesome.

(Below) I couldn’t pass up the chance to pose with this beautiful beauty queen, Ming.

E&O Hari Raya 026

E&O Hari Raya 031

(Above) Poor Mr. Chew (L) was assigned to the valet service but I didn’t forget him. Here he is, posing with Nesh on the right. More pictures to come in Part 2.

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Self Portrait

It’s a hot Saturday afternoon and I’m feeling a little bored, so I decided to take a few pictures in my abode (seeing as I don’t have a model—waaah). Using my Canon Speedlite 580EX II and 320EX as master and slave respectively, I took about 40 shots. Of course my Slik tripod and my Canon RC-3 remote controller were both essential for this photo shoot.

Self Portrait 010

(Above) Taken at my dining table. My 580EX II (on-camera) had its light bounced off the ceiling while the 320EX lights up the wall behind me, eliminating any shadows.

(Below) Taken on my comfortable couch. Both speedlites were bounced—the 320EX was directed at the wall. I had to experiment a bit with the flash angles.

Self Portrait 014

Self Portrait 023

(Above) Here I am, seated by my Yamaha Clavinova. The 320EX was hidden behind the music desk and aimed towards the wall. This was one of the hardest shots to get right.

(Below) And finally here I’m sitting on my bedroom floor with the afternoon light streaming through the lace curtains. It’s great how the two Speedlites could balance out the lighting even though I used E-TTL (Auto).

Self Portrait 035

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Midland Kitchen

Midland Kitchen 003

Went to Midland Kitchen (a Chinese restaurant) in the heart of town. My good friend Eugene (pictured above with me) is the supervisor there so I decided to show up and try some food. I was tickled pink with the center signage (picture below) WTF? actually stands for “Where’s the food?” Note also the panda who looks so cool with two guns in its hands.

Midland Kitchen 007

Midland Kitchen 010

(Above) A view of the sitting area in the ground level. I sat at the corner.

(Below) I like this uplifting slogan by the sink.

Midland Kitchen 011

Midland Kitchen 015

(Above) The bar area on the second floor.

(Below) Who comes up with these interesting slogans anyway?

Midland Kitchen 016

Midland Kitchen 021

(Above) I like that cute and diminutive fan—modesty aside I like the composition of this picture too.

(Below) I tried the dried egg noodles with barbecued pork and veggies. It was delicious. My drink was honey apple cider juice. Prices are very reasonable. Midland Kitchen is located in Campbell Street, Penang and is open for both lunch and dinner.

Midland Kitchen 029