What am I doing here?

Canon 6D

Hi, I’m Philip. I created this blog because I’m slowly getting reacquainted with an old love—photography. Call me a square but I’ve tried using Flickr and a few other photo sharing sites…I didn’t like them. Somehow or other I prefer the blog format and thought I’d start a photo blog since I’ve been a WordPress fan for a couple of years now (I have two other blogs: a main one here and a musical one here)

I’m 59 years old, I’m a musician, I love reading, and I spend way too much time sitting in front of the computer. So be it. Food wise I’m partial to pizza, pasta, yogurt, and chocolate. I don’t socialize much and my close friends don’t live close by. Fortunately this is a very connected world, so I have to be thankful for that. I prefer people who fly around the same wavelengths as I do, because I get to feel very comfortable with them.

No doubt you’re curious about my blog title. Let me see, where do I start. Um, I remember it was Christmas Day, 2010. Besides playing in the hotel in the evening I had nothing planned for that day, and I was very depressed. Word to the wise—when you’re depressed, don’t go shopping. But I did, and I made the mistake of going into the Canon store in the mall. Pretty soon I was holding the Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D and to cut a long story short, I was sold. Of course it came with the kit lens, a camera bag, and other goodies. I walked out with a huge dent in my credit card, but—it felt good.

I’ve been a Canon fan since the early 80’s. The list of Canon SLR’s that’s been through my hands is a sight to behold: T50, AE1 Program, A-1, T90 (wasn’t that an awesome camera back in those days) and then I went AF with the EOS500N (which still used 35mm film) Things tapered off a little after that, and I made the mistake of switching brands when I decided to go digital—a Kodak 2.1MP camera which gave nothing but trouble. Eventually I went back to Canon and for a compact I have the Canon PowerShot G15, a really nice 12MP camera. I held off purchasing a Canon DSLR until that fateful Christmas Day.

In 2013 I bit the bullet and went full frame. The Canon EOS 6D became my weapon of choice, together with a few lenses and a Speedlite 600EX-RT. I do find that photography is kind of like blogging—you need to kick-start yourself to get the juices flowing. That’s why I decided to start this blog, to at least have a showcase of my humble pictures, and you know what, I think I’ll break a photographic rule or two, heh heh. Rules are made to be broken, yes?

If photography doesn’t make you a cup of tea, do visit my other two blogs, the links are in the first paragraph.

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Hi Philip,
Great blog, great pics, and a great idea….I’m not a camera enthusiast but love and appreciate beautiful pictures of landscape and nature….

Hi Philip,

Nice Blog you have here.

Some similarities between us; I am also 51, and also in 2010 I bought an EOS 550D, though I bought mine with the 18-55 (good optically, disappointingly cheap construction wise), and the 55-250. I also bought the 430EZII flashgun. I spent about 15 years in the photographic retail industry, and I know all the models you speak of intimately. Yes, the T90 was an incredible camera, and up until just about five years ago, still had a considerable following amongst photo enthusiasts.

I lost interest in photography for a long time, but decided to relaunch my hobby and bought this kit, with which I am very happy. I see that you now have the 10-22mm lens, which I am also in the market for when finances allow, and I’d also like a 7D body too, to become my main camera. I wish I’d bought the 580 flash though, but finances wouldn’t allow at the time.

I see you are a piano teacher; one of the goals (missed) that I set for myself as a new year resolution in 2010 was to begin taking piano lessons (what, at 49? Am I crazy?) I still have not got around to that, but recently enrolled my 5 year old son for some, and I am keeping up with him…though only just. Perhaps I will get around to enrolling myself later this year. Not that I am thinking of becoming a pupil of yours though, since living in Australia might make that difficult. 🙂

Anyway, thought I’d introduce myself to you, and perhaps I’ll set up a blog with my own pictures soon. (I recently bought a bicycle, and intend to get out and about on it with my camera gear, so here’s hoping for some publishable results).



G’day to you, Jim. Thank you for dropping by and commenting in my blog. Photography has been a very come and go hobby for me—there have been periods when I just didn’t take any pictures at all. And then there have been times when I’d pick up my 550D and take pictures—lots of them. I’ve been a Canon fan for over 3 decades and am going for their latest Speedlite 600EX-RT. The 580EX II is a wonderful Speedlite too; it’s the wireless radio control of the 600EX-RT that tempts me.

Piano wise I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years. Besides that I play part-time at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel here in Penang. Perhaps one of these days we’ll meet huh. Take care, and let me know when you have your own blog up and running. Cheers!

Hi Philip,
I didn’t know how I got here at your blog, I was just following some links and ended up here. And I am glad that I did. I enjoy looking at your photos and reading about your photography experiences.

I am also another photo enthusiast. I am using a Canon 450D camera and I am just pushing my 18-55mm kit lens to the limit. From time to time, I get to borrow 50mm 1.8. I find myself leaning towards landscape photography so I am saving for a 10-22mm lens. It’s pretty expensive in my country. I would also love to have a long lens. But that can wait. I have to fill first my piggy bank for the wide one 🙂

Good luck on your photography and keep sharing them here at your blog.

Hello Nortehanon,

Thank you for looking up my blog and posting a comment. I visited yours and gather that you’re from the Philippines? You have nice pictures in yours too. The Canon 10-22mm is a wonderful ultra wide angle lens for landscape photography—you won’t regret buying it. I use a Hoya HD polarizer with mine and never do any post-processing on my pictures. I hope to step up to either a 70D or 7D Mk II when Canon sees fit to launch these two models. Have a great day!

Hi Philip,
Thanks for sharing your blog! 🙂
I found your blog via google.
You’ve put up the first pictures I can find on the internet of E&O Hotels new Victory Annexe Ballroom and foyer, as well as the new pier.
I live in Australia and won’t be able to see these new additions to the E&O before I get to Penang for my Wedding, so many thanks for the great pictures!

Wishing you well,

Hi Y., I’m surprised that I’m one of the first ones to put up pictures of the new Victory Annex. The new wing is lovely and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you arrive here. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

Kind regards,

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