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The Different Times of Today


10:49 AM. It’s a beautiful morning, made more so because it’s a public holiday. I saw these gorgeous-looking clouds and quickly grabbed my Canon 6D and my 24-105mm f/4L lens. I saturated the skies by using a Hoya polarizer and slightly underexposing by –1/3 stop.


5:45 PM. Had some heavy rain this afternoon, but it cleared towards the evening and became very calm. I saw this reflection in the river and my first instinct was to reach for my polarizer. That, however, obliterated most of the reflection and made the scene less interesting. So I took it off and shot—the 6D gave a perfect exposure. No exposure compensation was necessary.


7:33 PM. After dinner I decided to go for a walk, although the weather had clouded up quite a bit and light rain was falling. I saw the full moon and shot this, underexposing by 1 2/3 stops to bring out the blue. At first, I didn’t like the birds in the picture and took another shot without them. However, after uploading the pictures to my computer I liked this shot better—it added something extra to the picture.


7:34 PM. This was taken facing the west. I used a Tiffen neutral density graduated filter to enhance the somberness of these dark menacing clouds. The rain was continuing while darkness began to creep in. I decided to call it a day.

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