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Bedazzled Part 3

Richard and Rosemary 002

(Above) Here I am with another couple from the UK, Richard and Rosemary. It’s obvious that this shot was taken with the G15’s flash. What’s amazing is that I set the flash to Slow Synchro—this means that the camera sets a slower shutter speed so that more of the background is registered. Without doing this the background would turn out dark and unnatural.

(Below) I was thrilled to see so many flowers in the 1885 for a wedding dinner. Since I had my G15 with me I took a few shots before anyone arrived. 1/30s f/2.2.

Wedding Dinner Flowers 004

Victory Annexe 005

(Above) The new wing of the Eastern & Oriental Hotel—the Victory Annex, is going to be opened shortly. Right now only one floor is accessible—the floor which houses the meeting rooms, the Business Center, and the Ballroom. This is a part of the foyer near the elevators.

(Below) The self-timer of the G15 is pressed into service for my picture here. 1/40s f/2.2.

Victory Annexe 010

Victory Annexe 014

(Above) The beautiful Ballroom. It’s pictures like this where the electronic level of the G15 is a godsend. Shot using only available light. 1/30s f/1.8.

(Below) The foyer outside the Ballroom. Nice plush carpets and comfortable couches.

Victory Annexe 020

Victory Annexe 021

(Above) Finally, here’s a shot of the new pier on the seafront. If I had a DSLR there would be no way of taking this without using a tripod—camera shake would most likely ruin the picture. Believe it or not, I handheld this with an exposure setting of 1/5s f/2.2! If you click on the picture and view it enlarged you can see that the railings on the pier are pin sharp—hats off to the IS (Image Stabilization) of the G15.

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Goodness, it worked! I am new to this internet thing, first time today. You have a very nice blog Mr. Philip Yeoh. Also, your photography is very nice too.

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