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Bedazzled Part 2

Self portrait 002

(Above) To take this picture I set the FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) of the G15 to –2 and a fairly slow shutter speed of 1/8s. I spun myself around on my swivel chair—it took a few attempts and I was a little dizzy after that. This was the most pleasing shot.

(Below) The hotel lobby during Chinese New Year. I crouched down low and let the G15 do its magic. 1/30s f/1.8.

E&O 006

Ben's 006

(Above) The interior of Ben’s Restaurant taken with available light. The colors are so pleasing and restful.

(Below) Valentine’s Day dinner in the 1885. 1/20s f/1.8.

Valentine's 009


(Above) With my UK friends, Rhys and Jean at Farquhar’s Bar in the hotel. This was taken with the G15’s built-in flash as the location was quite dark. I set the FEC to –1/3 before the picture was taken.

(Below) I love taking pictures of flowers too, so when I saw this beautiful bouquet on top of my piano, out came the G15. 1/20s at f/1.8.


TGIF 001

(Above) Back to some more food pictures. Bruschetta—an Italian appetizer consisting of toasted bread slices drizzled with olive oil and topped with tomatoes and basil. Taken with available light, 1/30s f/1.8.

(Below) My favorite part of a meal. This brownie with a huge scoop of Vanilla ice cream looks deceptively wicked. 1/30s f/1.8.

TGIF 008

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