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Bedazzled Part 1

I am so enamored with my Canon PowerShot G15 after using it for a few months. The camera continues to impress me with its features—the sharp and bright f/1.8 lens, well-thought out menus and functions, excellent build quality, a battery that doesn’t seem to need frequent recharging, great video recording…the list goes on and on. Rather than let words describe how I feel about the G15, perhaps letting some of my photographs speak might give you a better idea.

E & O 039

(Above) This lovely shot of Emily taken last Christmas illustrates how good the G15 can be. I shot on Program mode (as I do at most times) without flash. The IS of the camera works a treat—I handheld this at 1/5s f/2 and the picture was sharp. Not much noise even though the G15 chose an ISO of 800.

(Below) The built-in electronic level of the G15 is a godsend (sadly my 550D/T2i doesn’t have this). This shot also displays the lovely bokeh that the G15 is capable of achieving.

E&O 002

Botanical Gardens 024

(Above) I have a fondness for flowing water and waterfalls. The picture here was handheld with an exposure of 1/10s f/5.6. Notice that the leaves in the lower right are pin sharp!

(Below) New Year’s Eve in the fine dining restaurant. Taken using available lighting only. 1/30s f2.2, handheld.

E&O 006

Kwong Sang 008

(Above) I love taking food pictures; perhaps I could be a food photographer in another life. Taken using available light entering through a window. 1/100s f2.8. This Spaghetti Bolognese was so good!

(Below) This must be the longest Club Sandwich I’ve ever eaten. 1/30s f2.2.

Mizi Bistro 002

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