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Canon PowerShot G15 Verdict

Oh gosh, I have to confess that my poor EOS 550D/T2i has been languishing in the dry box ever since I purchased my G15. For the past two months I’ve been using this little fella 100% of the time. I am impressed with a few features that the G15 possesses:

First on my list is the incredible fast lens—f/1.8 on the wide angle end and f/2.8 on telephoto. This simply means that I can dispense with the built-in flash (I did have grandiose thoughts about mounting my 600EX RT or 320EX on the G15’s hot shoe prior to acquiring the G15) and coupled with the IS (Image Stabilization) pictures taken using only available light turned out surprisingly well. Moreover, it’s so easy to adjust the AWB and to see it change on the LCD screen—another thumbs up for me. Here I am with Kelly; this picture was taken using only available light. In fact, all the pictures I’m putting on this post were taken without flash.

E&O 005

(Below) A shot of the Christmas tree and myself in the fine dining area of the hotel; at 352 g including the battery the G15 is light but not too light. I find that people can hold it with minimal camera shake while taking a picture.

Bennet and I 005

I have to say that the NB-10L battery pack does a fantastic job…I can easily squeeze off 200+ shots without needing a fresh charge. The built-in dual axis electronic level is a boon in helping to keep pictures level.

Botanical Gardens 003

Botanical Gardens 007

(Above) Slow shutter speeds while handholding the camera are not a problem at all. The picture of the waterfall was taken with an exposure of 1/10 s at f/2.8. Everything is pin sharp.

(Below) Close up shots are easy to achieve. Just set the focusing to Macro.

Botanical Gardens 011

Browse photographic websites and you’ll find people arguing about why Canon took off the articulated LCD screen and the less than perfect viewfinder. Personally I can live with the fixed LCD screen but maybe the articulated screen will make a comeback if and when Canon releases the G16. Until then I’m a happy camper with this little jewel…it might not be perfect, but it’s perfect enough for me.

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Every time you write a new post, I’m afraid you’ve gone shopping again and bought a new camera! I’m glad you are happy with what you have right now. Indeed it seems to do a lovely job! You have some beautiful photos!

Thanks a lot, Doris. Yes, I did do some shopping while I was in the States, but I knew what I was going for. The G15 is a lovely camera and I’m enjoying taking pictures with it.

A beaming Philip with his lovely pictures 🙂 They are all nice, Philip. The one I like best is that of the plant, it’s so cool and refreshing. Thanks to the rain. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Happy New Year too 🙂 God bless.

Thanks for your comment, Sabrina. Have an enjoyable time in Seoul. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. P/S I’m still wondering what your present is, I’ll open it on Christmas day 😉

Haha, Philip. That’s the best part of Christmas, this time of waiting to open one’s Christmas gifts. Hope you like it. It is something which you thought of getting, i.e. if you still wish to get it 🙂 That’s a clue. See if you could guess it right! Off to the cold tomorrow and see you next year. Keep posting and share with us your nice photos. Good luck, good health, God Bless You.

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