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Night Moves

Here are a few night shots I took with my Canon 18-135mm IS zoom lens and my EOS 550D mounted on a tripod. These shots of the main road fronting my apartment were taken from my balcony. I’m pretty impressed with the quality of this optic. Comments are welcome. Click on each picture to see a larger shot.


(Above) Here’s the first long exposure shot I took.


I thought the bokeh (Japanese word meaning the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light) of the shot above was aesthetically pleasing, at least to my eyes.


(Above) A more cropped view of the light trails left by passing traffic.


Another zoom shot. It’s called a zoom lens, ain’t it?

Canon 18-135mm EF-S

The Canon 18-135mm EF-S zoom lens with IS (Image Stabilization)

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