Greetings, Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, Geia sou, Buon giorno, Selamat Datang!

Of course that's me!

Yes sir, if that mug shot of me looks familiar, it’s because I run another blog here. I’ve been toying with creating another blog just for chatting about my musical perambulations, specifically my 37 years of piano teaching (don’t yawn, I’ll forgive you if you do, but do bear with me) and also my cocktail piano playing excursions. I’ll delve into a little bit of history about how I ended up in this mess (!) but this sure beats writing about it in a plain old boring diary…I am aiming for world domination (don’t send the Fantastic 4 over yet)

I’d also like to get some formalities out of the way first. Namely:

  • These anecdotes, ramblings, thoughts, etc. etc. are entirely my own—no stealing or plagiarizing OK? Or if you really feel the kleptomaniac arising from within yourself, I am partial to Starbucks lattes, Domino’s Pizza, and Burger King whoppers. And anything that has chicken in it.
  • Aside from that world domination phase I mentioned earlier, rest assured that I’m not a selfless egocentric #@!$ musician. This is just how I do things in my piano teaching and cocktail playing. Everybody else has his or her own way, so there! Don’t come blaming me if you flare up, twist an ankle, contract warts, or turn into a flesh-devouring zombie after reading my posts. I absolve myself of all blame.
  • I welcome and relish comments from you, my faithful followers and readers. But let’s be nice OK? I don’t want this to be like Human Torch and The Thing arguing. If so, I’m gonna retreat into my shell…
  • If you feel like guest-posting in my humble blog to speak about anything related to what I say, feel free to drop me a line. Ask and it shall be given (well it depends on my mood sometimes)
  • Last but not least if you don’t agree or like what I say in a post, please…please drop me a comment and tell me nicely. I’m not infallible—see the humility I’m displaying right now? Or if it drives your insanity levels up, get some java, rest yourself and visit my other blog. It’s good over there too. Trust me.
  • I’d like to thank each and every one of you for visiting this humble blog of mine. ‘Tis no easy task writing and creating a new blog (at least not for me) but boy, when the juices flow, it sure is fun! Happy reading!