So what’s the plan?

I was asked this question almost every morning while drinking coffee with my sifu David. Some days I could reply straightaway—”I’m going to do this.” “I’m going to have lunch at ______.” Other days I would smile, and say something like “There’s no plan for today.” Meaning that I wanted to just chill and not do anything specific—or do stuff if and when I felt like it. For me, that’s my idea of a real vacation—not going out everyday to do things or see stuff, hell, sometimes I don’t want to do anything but to relax. That’s the way I play it. Moreover we sometimes make plans, and then later on we have to postpone or cancel them, due to unforeseen circumstances. For instance, we planned a trip to Monterey but David shelved that because there was a major event going on there and it was also predicted to be very cloudy. Not a major issue for me, and as a result I don’t set myself up for big disappointments.

Admittedly we do need to plan for a lot of things in our lives. But there are, and will be, times when it’s best to let loose the paddles for a little while, and to just coast along with the flow.