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Hi, my name is Philip. I’m 60 years old, and started this blog in April 2008. I live in Penang, Malaysia. This is a beautiful country of about 28 million people. It’s just south of Thailand (we share a border) and north of Singapore.

I’ve just started my own piano studio in Hong Kong, called The Good Pianist. Do have a look, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’ve been teaching piano privately for more than 30 years now, ever since graduating from the University of Arizona with a B. Music degree in the early 80’s. I’ve also become quite a computer geek since the early 90’s, starting with Windows 3.1 and now Iā€™m using Windows 10.

Alright, think I’ve just about completed the intro. I’ll be posting often (I hope). Please use the Contact Me link to submit any messages or comments to me. Enjoy browsing through my blog!


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Hi Philip,

Wow! Your own blog. Cool. I’m in the process of creating a blog too .. still in the crawling stage. Did I tell you that I bought a digital piano? I also practice the piano at work. There’s a School of Music on campus. So I go there during my lunch time. But I’m still struggling with my piano šŸ™


Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, Christina. And congrats for buying the digital piano. Now you’ll have to send me an air ticket so I can go over and give you a few lessons šŸ™‚

Thank you for the kind comments, Desmond. Well it took me a while to figure out your nickname, but I realized it was your name spelt backwards, lol. Have visited your blog and posted a comment.

Hi! Philip.This new format, blog looks good. Hi! everbody out there reading this blog, if you require someone to help you with your computer (especially beginners or retirees), I would highly recommend Philip. He does a good job servicing my computer for more than 2 years already. I have no doubt about this music talent too. God bless!

Philip Yeoh!
Found you because I was surfing the web to know more about what was the cause (medical) of Har Yong’s home-going after reading about on the way back from Kelantan. Hope you still remember me – one of those MBSCFers who enjoyed your good music! May the Joy, Love and Peace of our Good Lord be with you always in this fleeting world! hean peng

Hi Hean Peng, wow, what a way to get in touch. I’m glad I could do my bit to provide some info about Har Yong for you.

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when I was surfing the net for details on digital piano. My daughter is about to start her first trial lesson in violin, and I am considering of getting a digital piano (in future) to help her with her lesson as she progress. I guess the main reason is that I would like to re-learn to play the piano again, I used to learn till grade 6, and then I quit. Getting a new acoustic piano is not possible. I don’t know how to judge a good 2nd hand piano. So perhaps a digital piano? However there are too many choices around, Korg SP170 and then this Yamaha P85,P95. My budget is around RM3000. I would appreciate any advise from you.

Hi, KS Law…yes, definitely go for a digital piano like the Yamaha P-105 (the latest in the P-series). You’ll save a bundle on tuning and maintainance (a digital piano is always in tune 365 days a year). Feel free to contact me should you need further advice or info.

Thank you for your reply. As you have played both digital and acoustic piano, is the digital piano so inferior when it comes to playing the classical pieces? That is the feeling that I get when I read comments and reviews regarding digital piano. I played Petrof when I was younger. Do you find it difficult to switch from digital to acoustic piano or visa versa? Thanks again for your reply. I will try to visit the Yamaha center and get a feel of it.

That is totally untrue and is a sign of a biased mind. I’ve been using a Yamaha Clavinova for almost 15 years now to teach my students, and it’s a decision I’ve never ever regretted. Ignore those birdbrained people who tell you that you need an acoustic piano to play classical repertoire. Digital has so much going for it. Just look at computers, CD’s, cameras…the list goes on and on. Besides, the latest Clavinovas have come a long way in touch and sound (in fact, the high-end Clavinovas even have touch screens!) I just tried the CVP-605B and it was so good I’m tempted to upgrade.

Sorry, just one more question. Have you ever try Casio Privia, Korg or Roland? Just curious how Yamaha P95 fares compared to the other brands. I like Clavinova but I have a feeling that it will be over my budget. šŸ™‚ If I were to purchase one, it will stay with me for many years. Thanks again for your opinion.

I’ve stayed pretty much with Yamaha all these years. Get the P-105 and not the P-95 (this model is superseded already). If you’re looking for a long term purchase I’d still suggest a Clavinova, maybe the CLP series, which is more basic in features.

Hi Philip Yeoh,

Sorry to hear about the demise about your mom. I am a friend of your cousin, Emily Yeoh Guat Chaing. She visited your mother often. She would like to get in touch with you. She lives in Penang. I saw some of your father’s exhibits in the museum recently. My uncle was a former musician in Penang too.

Best regards,
Winson Saw

H buddy
I chanced upon your blog while surfing. I am pretty sure you know me as I was your classmate and close buddy in Lower Six at MBS. There were only a few of our species then in class. So, how’s life ? I am now residing in Christchurch, New Zealand. Could you give me your email address so that we can reconect?

Ui Wei Lii

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