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A trip up Penang Hill



It’s been more than 30 years since I last visited this iconic Penang landmark. I remembered as a kid, my brother and I would go up and stay in one of the government bungalows with my other cousins or friends during the school holidays. I’m sure a lot has changed, so this morning I took a ride up using the modern funicular railway—very nice, no lines. The train was air-conditioned and went quite fast. After reaching the summit of this 2300 foot hill the exit erroneously led me to some coffee shops and an Owl Museum…no, I didn’t pay to go in. I managed to find the proper exit and went out. Nothing much to explore, there was a Hindu temple there, a playground, and some buggies with drivers waiting for tourists to hire them.



As luck would have it, the weather wasn’t that ideal for photography; it was rather hazy and murky. I bolted a polarizer onto my lens and tried to make the best of whatever blue skies there were. Visited this nearby platform where there was a long fence and couples chained locks to it with their declarations of love. Um, in other cities having this kind of thing, they are usually on bridges and once you’ve snapped the lock shut you’re supposed to throw the keys into the water. So what would they do here when there’s no water source? Just wondering. Sorry, I’ve become a little cynical of love lately.



I had to take the obligatory selfie to prove I was here. And it’s also because I carried my tripod along for this trip. It was so warm, I was sweating buckets, blah blah blah. You get the picture (pun intended).


After that I went for a long walk…needless to say a lot of tourists were hiring buggies and having themselves driven around. Not me, I like the exercise. I like the solitude and I can do without all that useless chatter.



Here’s a view of downtown Penang. As I said, the weather wasn’t cooperating but what the hell, I’m already here.


I was also disappointed because I wanted to try David Brown’s restaurant (supposed to be good) but when I got there it was closed. And it looked like it was closed permanently. Ah well, lunch will have to wait. I think the nicest shot was of these colorful leaves.


There was a huge crowd of mostly noisy locals when I wanted to make the trip down…I had to stand inside the train since it was packed like sardines. I don’t think I’ll be making another trip up here again…nothing really much to see.


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David brown is closed? Hmm weird.. I just saw my friend’s FB posting on 26th April that she was up there for breakfast. I had dinner there before, think it was back in 2008 and i didn’t think the food was anything special but then again that’s just me 🙂
btw i like the downtown penang photo, the weather gave it a mysterious kick 🙂
and i didn’t know bout the throwing the key into water source part after locking the lock!

Yes, Sharon, it was closed. It was cordoned off with No Entry signs. Maybe that’s a good thing because I just went downtown for some wantan mee and saved myself some money 🙂 Yes, that is what you’re supposed to do after locking the lock—you throw away the key. Thanks for reading.

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