The way I see it, life is all about risk. We take a risk when doing almost anything…eating our meals, driving (especially here in Penang!), work and play, relationships, etc. However, we are akin to ships—we can feel safe and secure docking in the harbor of our comfort zones, but that isn’t what ships are built for. We need to be cruising along the oceans of life, sometimes encountering violent storms (for sure) and sometimes being in the doldrums. Those times are inevitable, but there will almost definitely be times where the winds are kind to us, and we’re sailing along at just the perfect pace.

I’m quite the introvert. Apart from my piano teaching (where I talk a lot) and my hotel work, I keep pretty much to myself. When I eat out I eat alone most of the time. Very typical of me is that when I return home, I have a simple meal, some tea (or wine, if I’m so inclined) and then curl up with a good book or go online (nope, no TV). Yes, I’m not the sociable type since I have an innate dislike of crowds and noise—so my home is my fortress of solitude, so to speak. However, I like to travel when time and finances permit, so this recent trip (although brief) has been very good on the whole.

I’ve met some people for the first time. With some I’ve felt a stronger connection than others. That’s fine—I’m not going to get along with everybody I meet, and there are some who will avoid me the moment they set eyes on me. But…there are others who ply the same frequencies as I do…and without taking a risk of meeting them, I’d simply be in the dark. So I go for it. Take a chance. If it works, it works. If not, then I learn from it and move on. So far I’m happy with my single life, even though sometimes I do feel a tug of loneliness. However, with photography making a comeback in my life (it never really left, I guess) all I want to do is to take more pictures of this beautiful world. And the beautiful people that I meet.

Life is short, and as a dear friend said, too short to sweat the small stuff. Jettison the junk. Keep sailing.

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