A State of Mindful


Those of you who know me well will know that I’ve gone through some bad patches in my life. You feel like there’s no escape when you’re burning in hell but then, time (as always) proves to be an unseen but a felt friend…with the passing of time I’ve learnt to accept, forgive the past, and to forge ahead. To quote a cliché, life has its share of ups and downs. So I’ve tried to show that with my photography. I capture what is out there, without post processing or any of that crap. I like my pictures straight out of the camera, just like real life.

And speaking of real life…well, I have to admit something—I’ve been doing very well lately. Not that I’m earning loads of money or any of that what-successful-people-have-done shit. I’ve learned to become more mindful of who I am, and to keep tuning myself towards it…a state of bliss and contentment with myself. I don’t take life so seriously any more…of course there are times when bad things happen or things don’t go the way I want them to go, or people don’t react the way I hope they do. But here’s the thing—we can’t control the world, or people, or situations, or whatever. However, we can control how we react to them. It all sounds very Zen but the thing is, I’m going with the flow of life. And like a boat flowing with the currents, life suddenly seems much easier without the constant tugging and fighting with whatever is thrown at me.

I’m really enjoying being with myself…and to do the things I like to do, such as my photography. So what if I’m the only one who likes my pictures, I don’t care, LOL. I’m just happy doing what I love. And I’ll continue doing it…period.

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