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The E & O Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2009

It’s that time of year once more and yours truly was again at the helm of the piano to accompany the E & O Nightingales singing Christmas carols  for the lighting of the Christmas Tree at the hotel lobby. By the way, December here started out not with snow, but with an enormous thunderstorm just before the event started. Here’s one of my pictures.

The Christmas Tree at the E & O Hotel lobby

Here’s my piano and keyboard setup, a Korg PA-50 on top of the piano. I used the Korg most of the time, because the noise levels were extremely high and the piano couldn’t be heard.

My keyboard rig

General Manager Michael Saxon (my boss) gave his opening speech, and then Miss Mazeta conducted the E & O Nightingales for the singing of the Christmas carols. Yes, the choir was comprised of only ladies this year, but they sang their hearts out and I was very proud to have accompanied them. And word is that they will be doing some occasional caroling in the hotel between now and Christmas.

Up and coming violinist Koay Zhi Tong captivated and impressed the audience with two Christmas carols played on her electric violin. Zhi Tong was also a finalist in this year’s Piano Idol. This young lady’s one to watch!

Child wunderkind Koay Zhi Tong in action

Me and Zhi Tong

And finally just when I was finishing my dinner, the E & O Nightingales came by for theirs, so the end result was me (the thorn huh) taking a photo with them. Well done, ladies!

Eat your heart out, James Bond

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Hiya !

A former pianist here.

I am thinking of getting a synth to plug into my music rig I set up in my PC.

Which keyboard you recommend?

I don’t need really fancy sound / vib or anything like that. All I need is something that enable me to key in the notes faster than clicking on the virtual keyboard using mouse.

Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah, you guess it right, I’m from Penang as well.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. You could opt for a basic keyboard like the Yamaha PSR-E323 which costs just below RM1K. Budget another RM180 or so for a Yamaha UX-16 USB to MIDI converter. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me.

You can get it at Digital Music Systems at Jalan Bagan Jermal. The phone number is 226 3340. Tell them Philip sent you 🙂

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