Gobble gobble

There comes a point in one’s life (mine) where consuming leftovers day in and day out results in an astounding “Enough!” emanating from my lips. Not surprisingly, the MO shared the same sentiments so we decided to go out for lunch. I decided on a place called Mizi’s Bistro in town. I felt this was the place to take said MO for lunch, knowing that they served big-sized portions (I did some advanced research scouring the local food blogs)

Mizi’s isn’t a big place, but they have a set lunch going for the princely sum of $6USD per head. You have your choice of soup, main course, a soft drink, and you can eat all the ice cream you want for dessert (that’s right). I chose the mushroom soup (don’t blech, Miss Miller) and it was delicious, thick and creamy and doesn’t give the impression of coming from a can.

Mushroom soup and my iced lemon tea

The MO chose a grilled chicken smothered with mushroom sauce, and when it appeared even he was startled with the generous portions. He finished it, by the way.

Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce and veggies

As for myself, I ordered a club sandwich. I think they should have renamed it the Windows 7 club sandwich, the thing was just so darn big. It made the Windows 7 Whopper pale by comparison.

I did manage this with some difficulty, burp!

Last but not least, we helped ourselves to some overflowing portions of wonderful ice cream (I didn’t want to take pictures of the ice cream that we guzzled because it would reinforce the image that we were piggish) All in all, it was a very nice lunch, but I am just so full (burp!)

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