Piano Idol (Part 3)

Just returned from judging the Piano Idol finals at the Copthorne Orchid Hotel here. It was a blast, although it took the better part of 4 hours. The winner of the Senior section was Tan Jin Yin, who gave an impressive rendition of Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# minor (see the picture below). Seven-year old Vincent Ong grabbed the Junior section win with a surprisingly mature performance of Chopin’s Nocturne in C# minor. Want to make it in Piano Idol? Go classical, snigger. The winner of the freestyle ensemble section was Candy Rock comprising three enterprising ladies (Carina, Joy and Rachel) giving a performance of Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone.” Ladies, consider getting yourselves on YouTube, you might make it big. MC Ricky, who came along dressed as the Love Guru, did a great job of holding the competition together.

Tan Jin Yin and Vincent Ong

The three judges, Helen, Angie and myself had an enjoyable time sitting through the contestants’ playing. It was a bit sad to note that many of them were let down by poor song choices. Contestants, remember that in future, prepare something that is dynamic and will impress us! Richard Clayderman’s songs are great for easy listening, but for a competition like this, they simply don’t cut it. Or at least, make up your own arrangements.

The Yamaha C3 was there in all its glory, thanks to the kind folk in Yamaha Kuala Lumpur who loaned it to us for this special event. Mr. Hitoshi Mochizuki (Managing Director of Yamaha Malaysia) was gracious to attend the event, together with Ms. Sharon Wong (General Manager, Musical Instruments Division) and Pan Pai Ling (Senior Manager). Thank you. Last but not least, kudos too to Fong and Swee Lin for organizing this competition.

And I just had to get my claws (nah, fingers) on the C3, after the event was over. Here’s a snap of yours truly for posterity. Isn’t this something that a certain establishment should be getting for me, LOL? Anyway, I can always dream.

Me at the Yamaha C3, just look at this baby!

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It was such a great experience for all of us. My family and friends loved Jason’s Xepher, though he didn’t make it. However, both Jason and Vincent Ong had a wonderful time ‘trying’ their very best during the competition.

I am still very surprised that my little one had won the competition since he has been learning piano for just three years. Anyway, I just can’t stop smiling. LOL !

Thank you…all the judges for giving our children such a great opportunity and encouragement.


Hi Sue,

Thank you very much for commenting in my blog! You should be extremely proud of Vincent, it’s no mean feat for a boy his age to be playing Chopin. Jason didn’t do too badly either, though in my personal opinion he could have done better if he had more time with the Yamaha C3. But it was all a matter of logistics; the piano only came in to Penang on Sunday morning.

We three judges had great fun doing this, and I, for one, am looking forward to the next Piano Idol (hopefully Mrs. Fong will still ask me to judge, heh heh)

Nice meeting up with you!

Best Regards,

Jason, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Yes, I like the arrangement, and it makes for a good song choice for a competition like Piano Idol. But in all fairness, I have to say that you played it better during the preliminaries. I think I remember asking you whether it was lack of time trying out the Yamaha C3 that made you slip on Sunday?

Anyway, try again next year. Look forward to seeing you again!


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