What prompted you to write this eBook?

The one thing that triggered this was that my perception of the world had changed. There are so many things you can learn on your own nowadays. For instance, you can learn how to cook Italian food, how to troubleshoot and repair a computer, learn a language—the list goes on and on. So why not add learning to play the piano to this list? Of course, there are still some things that you can’t and shouldn't learn on your own. I hope no one’s going to come up with a book called "Learn how to fly a plane (by yourself) in 12 lessons."


Who are you aiming this eBook for?

Anyone from 15 to 92. I wrote this eBook for the complete novice, and for people who lead busy lives but still wanted to learn the piano on their own. This eBook is also for people who have a piano stashed somewhere in their home, with nobody playing on it. Why not be the first one to do so?


Do I actually need to have a piano before starting your eBook?

Not really (don’t be surprised). If you have access to a piano, fine. If not, consider acquiring a portable keyboard. Nowadays, many manufacturers make pretty reliable portables with a good piano sound. You won’t go wrong with companies like Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Korg, etc. An added advantage of portables is that they always stay in tune!


Can I really learn the piano without a teacher?

Yes, you can! But as I’ve stated in my eBook, don’t presume that you’ll turn into a modern-day Mozart after going through my eBook. You won’t. My eBook is a primer, if you will, to whet your interest and to get you started on the road to becoming a good pianist. This takes time, practice, and patience.


Wouldn’t I benefit from a teacher?

Yes, you would. But remember, there are many people who lead busy and hectic lives. Sometimes school, work and/or family have to take priority and sadly, piano lessons don’t seem to be high-priority anymore. That’s why I came up with the idea for this eBook.

What benefits would I gain after going through your eBook?

Several. One: you'll see how easy and enjoyable it is to learn the piano, even on your own. Two: your family and friends will be amazed when they hear you playing out simple and popular tunes after a while, not only from my eBook, but from the thousands of books available. Last but not least: being able to play the piano is one of the best GIFTS that you can give yourself. Nevertheless, you should spend some time each day nurturing this gift; if you do that, this will be a very enjoyable hobby for you and it will bring pleasure to you and your loved ones for many years to come.

Where do I go after completing your eBook?

I’m planning a second eBook, which will continue where the first one left off. Of course, it takes time to plan, write, test, etc. So the second eBook will probably be out sometime in 2009. If you'd like to be notified, please fill in the Contact Me form and subscribe to my newsletter.

Can I offer suggestions for your eBook?

Of course! I welcome suggestions and criticisms. Just go to the Contact Me link, or email me if you prefer. I will try my best to answer your queries as soon as I can.










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