Your computer keyboard…

…is as filthy as a toilet seat. And that’s not an insult. I read this report on the Guardian UK website and it made me squirm. However, I’m not too surprised because this applies to piano keyboards as well. We spend so much time typing away, so much so that the grime on the keyboard builds up rapidly. Truth be told, there are some simple steps to avoid making your keyboards (whether computer or piano) a garbage dump for germs:

  • Never eat when you’re using your computer. If you must eat, go somewhere else, chow down, and wash your hands thoroughly before using the keyboard again.
  • Clean your keyboard often. I do it about once every two days, using just a moderately-damp cloth with a little drop of liquid soap.
  • If you must sneeze or cough, turn away from your keyboard. It’s amazing how many people expel all that gooey stuff into their keyboards or their monitors!
  • Every once in a while, I turn my keyboard upside down and give it a few sharp whacks. You’d be surprised how much crud falls out. And vacuum it if possible. Don’t do this for your piano keyboard though!
  • Since I’m using a desktop PC, the keyboard is cheap and easily replaceable should a major disaster occur.
  • Don’t forget to clean your mouse too!

Clean me often!

11 thoughts on “Your computer keyboard…”

  1. Ok, I admit, never really thought much about my keyboard. I followed one of your tips and turned my keyboard upside down and… WHOA!… where did all that come from?!? Really, I dont eat at my desk or anything like that but man was it really filthy. I’ll follow your advice and vacuum it once in a while. Good thing I have one of those hand vacuum cleaners. I’ll finally get a chance to use one of the detachable nozzles.


  2. Ok, I’ll admit it…I often eat at the computer. Chips, hot pockets, granola bars…

    But, after reading this…I will think twice before eating @ the computer again!

    …Hmmm…I ought to clean the keyboard and mouse too.

    Thanks for this Philip!

  3. Andrew, you’ll be surprised at how much nicer a clean keyboard and mouse will feel to your hands. Try it 🙂

  4. Just took your advice and gave my keyboard a whack and it smashed, lol just kidding 😛

    But I have to admit I do drink my coffee at the computer and eat snacks now and then.

  5. Coffee? What’s that?? LOL!! Yes I drink coffee around mine – and it’s a laptop so I’m counting my blessings I’ve never spilled any on it.

    And *blush* I do nibble from time to time around mine if I happen to have the laptop in the kitchen. The worst was the time I had the laptop on the stove (off of course) and reached into the cupboard to get a box of croutons (which were open on the top shelf) and they fell…down….down…crumbs flying….croutons spilling….all over the keyboard. It was awful. Took quite a bit of canned air to get that little mess cleaned up and for days my keys were crunching. Funny part was I was getting them down for my son – they weren’t even for me….

    You are right though, you can tell the difference in feel after you give it all a good cleanup.

  6. Depending on the toilet seat location (home or public), I would say most computer keyboards and mice are even filthier than toilet seats.

  7. And they probably are, Crystal. I like to clean mine with some soft soap and a damp cloth once every few days. Makes quite a big difference to the feel after that.

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