Hi, my name is Philip. I'm 49 years old, and have just started this website to promote my first eBook, called LEARN TO PLAY THE PIANO IN 12 LESSONS. If you've always been hankering to learn the piano but have been putting it off due to other more pressing commitments, this is the eBook for you. You can find more info about this in my eBook link. This website also includes my blog, as well as a bunch of other interesting stuff, so please check it out.

Philip Yeoh, E & O HotelNow, a little bit about myself.  I live in Penang, Malaysia. This is a beautiful country of about 26 million people. It's just south of Thailand (we share a border) and north of Singapore.

I've been teaching piano privately for more than 25 years now, ever since graduating from the University of Arizona with a B. Music degree in the early 80's. I've also become quite a computer geek since the early 90's, starting with Windows 3.1 and am now on Vista. Building and servicing Intel-based PCs is another hobby of mine.

I also play cocktail music at the E & O Hotel here, twice a week. A very nice and relaxing job, if I may say so (thanks, Mike!) I've played cocktail piano for as long as I can remember, but I'll talk about that more in my blog. When I need some exercise, I head for the pool, which is almost every weekday. Swimming is another passion of mine. It really clears the head and I love the feel of water. Especially in a hot and humid country such as Malaysia.

Last but not least, I'm a staff member at BigBlueBall. If you want to know everything about Instant Messaging, this IS the place to go to. Besides, it has a ton of other cool stuff to check out, including Social Networking, the latest phones, a really nice BigBlueBall lounge, and on and on.

That about sums up my info. I hope you'll enjoy browsing around my website, and please bookmark it.

Have a nice day!

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